Project Info

MD/CEO of the Periscope Global Publishers Ltd


Web Design and SEO


20 January, 2022


Yola, Adamawa State Nigeria

Project Description

Periscope Global, a leading online media website, was initially built with several issues that hindered its performance and user experience. The website was not mobile-friendly, lacked flexibility, had a poorly structured layout, and suffered from SEO issues. Additionally, it was hosted on a small hosting company in Lagos, which further impacted its performance.


Our team at TatiTech took on the challenge to redesign and revamp the Periscope Global website. We started by addressing the mobile responsiveness of the site, ensuring that it provided a seamless experience across all devices. We then focused on enhancing the flexibility of the website, allowing for easy updates and changes as required by the client. The layout was restructured for better navigation and user experience, and we implemented SEO best practices to improve the site’s visibility on search engines. We also transferred the website to a super-fast SSD hosting server to improve its loading speed and overall performance.

In addition to these improvements, we set up a corporate email system for Periscope Global, further enhancing their professional image and communication capabilities.

The result was a complete transformation of the Periscope Global website, turning it into a high-performing, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized platform. This project showcases TatiTech’s commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient, and effective digital solutions.

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